A couple of Elixir videos on Upcase

Recently, thoughtbot decided to make Upcase free. It has a lot of great learning materials, especially when it comes to Rails, vim, test-driven development, and tmux.

A while ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to record a couple of Elixir videos for the weekly-iteration portion of it. Since access is now free, I thought I should share them!

The first one is about the fundamentals of concurrency in Elixir. It’s a walk-through of concurrency primitives in Elixir, including message passing, links, and some of the fundamentals of how Elixir creates fault tolerance.

The second one is about data abstractions in Elixir. It’s a brief look at how we can use modules to encapsulate a lot of related functions that act upon the same data structures. And then we look at how to use protocols to create higher-level data types.

I hope you enjoy them!