👋 Hi German Velasco

I’m a software developer and product consultant. I love helping people build great software. Whether it is

  • creating a minimum viable product (MVP),
  • building a new project in an existing organization, or
  • embedding myself in my client’s team to deliver features and train developers.

Have a project you want to work on? Get in touch and tell me more about it.

From Idea to MVP

You have an idea, but turning ideas into software is hard — turning ideas into the right software, even harder.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Over the past decade, I have helped companies validate ideas, trim requirements, choose a minimum cohesive product, and build that product.

I’ll work closely with you, planning, prioritizing, and finding what is essential. And we’ll work in short iterations so that as priorities change and you discover new information, we can adapt what we build.

A Project-Level Partner

You have a project to build. Contractors require you to think of all the ins and outs of the project. Then you need to create specific tasks, send them over to them, and then wait — in the dark — until they come back with the complete tasks. Then you have to do it all over again.

Not with me.

I’ll help you own the whole project, releasing you from having to think of all the details so you can focus on your business. I’ll work closely with you to refine every stage of the project — we’ll understand user needs and discuss what to prioritize.

Then I’ll break apart the project into features and those features into independent slices that we can build iteratively. You’ll never be out of the loop, but you’ll never have to manage the nitty-gritty details.

I like to be the software developer in your corner. I want to help you succeed, not just write some code and get paid.


For the last decade, I have embedded myself in teams and trained developers. I focus on three areas:

  • Training junior developers while continuing to ship code. I’ll pair program with junior developers, discuss best practices, and teach fundamentals of good code design.

  • Training your team in test-driven development (TDD). If your tests are a mess and you lack confidence in your automated suite, then it’s time we get back on track. I will mentor your team through pair programming to ensure we build resilient tests that begin with the end in mind.

  • Training Rails developers in Elixir and Phoenix. As an experienced developer in both Ruby on Rails and Elixir and Phoenix, I can help your team transition quickly from Rails to Elixir and Phoenix. I offer a one-week intensive training course designed to speed the transition, and then I’ll pair with developers until they’re as comfortable in Phoenix as they were on Rails.

Let’s build great software together

Get in touch, and let me know more about your project and needs.

If I’m not the right person for the job, I will let you know and try to refer you to someone who is a good fit.


What languages do you use?

I spend most of my time writing Elixir and Ruby. I also do a fair bit of JavaScript when it’s part of the project, but I don’t work on projects that only require JavaScript.

If you are looking for JavaScript services, I know some experts in that area who I’d be happy to refer you to.

But I need a team. Can you help?

Yes! I know and work with a close group of people who, like me, are excellent at their trade.

In fact, if I think you’d be better served by someone other than me, then I’ll refer you to them. My aim is to help you get the best team possible, even if that means it’s not me.

Why should I work with you instead of a big consulting firm?

You’ll always know who you’re working with.

At bigger consulting firms, someone sells you a project, but others work on the project. You might get some good developers, but you’re also likely to get some bad ones. You’ll pay for the average.