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I am a software developer with an owner-level mentality. That means I’m not here solely to write some code. I actually care that your business succeeds.

That means I won’t ask you to throw specs over the wall, leave you in the dark, and then come back with something you may or may not want.

Instead, I’ll work closely with you to plan, define, and choose the highest priority work. We’ll then work in short iterations and stay nimble so we can adapt to your customers’ changing needs.

Over the past decade, I’ve embedded myself in countless teams to help build high-quality software with test-driven development, train team members through pair programming, and deliver value to my clients’ customers.

Get in touch to see how I can help.

👇 What some past clients say about working with me:

As a person, developer, and product strategist German is exceptional. Particularly in setting a codebase, culture, or large piece of functionality, German's skills (and the combination thereof) shine. He's the developer to set your codebase, culture, and company mission up for success.

Sam Zimmerman
Sam Zimmerman
CEO, Sagewell Financial

German is a meticulous and strategic programmer as well as an excellent written & verbal communicator.

I have an increased confidence in taking on new client work after learning from our code design discussions.

Lindsay Nauman
Lindsay Nauman
Software Engineer, Neomind Labs

German is one of the best professionals I've worked with.

Not only is he world-class in terms of technical ability, he's a joy to work with.

Ben Munoz
Ben Munoz
CEO, Nadine West

I recommend working with German without hesitation! His unique combination of technical ability and knowledge, coupled with an empathetic consultative approach, led us to build a better product. He was 100% a partner in building out the early versions of our platform.

Chris Toomey
Chris Toomey
CTO, Sagewell Financial
Think of me as the developer in your corner.
Let's chat about how I can help.

German Velasco

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