Starting elixir lunch

I’ve been thinking of starting something called elixir lunch for some time – a low-key lunch gathering of Elixirists.

In my mind, it can be as simple as getting together with Elixir friends and sharing a meal (remotely). Maybe sometimes we play games or do a lunch-and-learn. But mostly, just sitting together and hanging out.

Why lunch?

There’s something very human about sharing a meal with others. True, we’re remote, so it’s not quite the same as sharing the same meal. But I think it’s nice to be able to sit, eat, and talk.

It’s also something most developers can do during a workday. Not everyone can attend meetups or conferences all the time. But lunch is part of regular life. So hopefully, it’s a low-effort endeavor for most people.

The first event

Since I live in the eastern timezone, I targeted the first event for Eastern Time (ET). People from other time zones are, of course, welcome to join, but I figured I had to choose a lunch hour somewhere.

If you’re interested in the event, you can go to the registration page or register here:

Hope to see you there!

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